Newborn: Effie

My friend Stacey is a rockstar.  She carefully planned and prepared for how she wanted to give birth and her baby basically said, “Psh mom, whatever!  We’re doing this my way.”  Which ended up being intervention after invention culminating in a c-section on 3/13/13 (I think that baby was just holding out for a super […]

Maternity: Keysha & Zack

I’ve known Keysha for about five years now. We’ve seen each other get engaged, married and now start to expand our families.  While I’m sad that we don’t have the time we used to get together for vodka drinks and cheese sticks, I am excited about the new phase in our lives and look forward […]

Senior Session – Samantha

Every year we head to my aunt and uncle’s farm in Ohio for a mini family reunion.  It’s so much fun for everyone, the adults get to eat, fish, swim, and drink a few beers while the dogs (Oz especially) run wild getting into tall grass, mud and general shenanigans.  They put us all up […]

The Cape Cod of the Midwest

I was facing down two more weeks of maternity leave before I had to go back to work and I was just devastated.  I didn’t know how I was going to be able to leave Evie every day, how I was going to be able to deal with missing her smiles and discoveries, how I […]

Easter for Everybody!

Every year Horner Park hosts Doggie Easter and every year we miss it.  I was determined that this year would be the year we finally got there.  Oz hasn’t lost too much attention with the arrival of the baby but I know it’s been an adjustment and I decided he deserved an event just for […]

Photography: Year in Review

I thought I would start 2012 by looking back at 2011.  These aren’t necessarily my best images or even my favorites, but as I was going through my archives this morning with fresh eyes, these are the ones that stood out and spoke to me. January — I woke up early one morning and the […]