13 Months

I spent the first year of Evie’s life taking a photo on each of her month birthday’s almost to obsession, but I loved doing it, to watch how she grew through pictures.  I didn’t plan to continue it “officially”, but unofficially I couldn’t resist.  Especially since thanks to daylight savings time when we got home […]

Year One

It’s hard to believe that one year ago I was sitting in a hospital room eating pancakes after giving birth to my beautiful baby girl three weeks early!  My pre Valentine’s Day present.  This past weekend she had her first birthday party and the next day I took advantage of the warm-ish Virginia temps (compared […]

It’s A Wonderful Life

I love the Christmas season!  I wrote about it here last year.  Each year we decorate our tree with ornaments that remind us of our trips, our memories, our lives.  When we hung this years White House ornament I realized that they’ve been matching up with the major milestones in our life.  The year Thomas […]

Cruising with Baby

I did a ton of research and googling prior to our November Caribbean cruise.  We are seasoned cruisers, but this time was different, this time we had a nine month old with us.  I scoured cruise critic and looked for blogs but I didn’t find much advice for a baby under one and so hopefully […]