Newborn: Effie

My friend Stacey is a rockstar.  She carefully planned and prepared for how she wanted to give birth and her baby basically said, “Psh mom, whatever!  We’re doing this my way.”  Which ended up being intervention after invention culminating in a c-section on 3/13/13 (I think that baby was just holding out for a super […]

Maternity: Keysha & Zack

I’ve known Keysha for about five years now. We’ve seen each other get engaged, married and now start to expand our families.  While I’m sad that we don’t have the time we used to get together for vodka drinks and cheese sticks, I am excited about the new phase in our lives and look forward […]

5 Generations

I am burning the candle from both ends.  There’s no help for it.  I have a full-time job, a baby and my “spare” time is usually spent on photography projects.  I’m not sure what I’m running on lately but fumes seems too strong a word.  Sometimes the exhaustion is worth it though.  Last weekend I […]

Evie of the Leaves

We just returned from a whirlwind 36 hr trip to Massachusetts to partake in a 5 generation photo.  The trip was well worth the travel snafus and exhaustion and I will be sharing that photo soon.  I have not been to New England in years and we couldn’t have had better   weather (high 50’s) or […]

Lifestyle: Dave & Dexter

I love how things work out sometimes.  While photographing Tori and Ryley it came up both that her dad has a great dog he was interested in having photos taken with and that he refinishes furniture.  It just so happens I have a beautiful old table in need of refinishing and repair and was starting to stress […]

Happy Birthday River & Raven!

I was excited when my friend Laurie invited us to a birthday party for her twins River & Raven.  It was Evie’s first birthday party and we were pretty excited.  Laurie is a photographer as well and I know how hard it is to be at your own event wanting to be present while trying to […]

Headshots — Charlotte

I’ve known Charlotte since we were both theatre students at VCU donning corsets to recite Shakespeare and shout enunciating “Lick It Lyman Lick It!” in acting class.  She moved to Chicago like so many in our class to pursue acting and she’s been has stayed  active in the acting community performing in some great shows. […]

Senior Session – Samantha

Every year we head to my aunt and uncle’s farm in Ohio for a mini family reunion.  It’s so much fun for everyone, the adults get to eat, fish, swim, and drink a few beers while the dogs (Oz especially) run wild getting into tall grass, mud and general shenanigans.  They put us all up […]