Newborn: Effie

My friend Stacey is a rockstar.  She carefully planned and prepared for how she wanted to give birth and her baby basically said, “Psh mom, whatever!  We’re doing this my way.”  Which ended up being intervention after invention culminating in a c-section on 3/13/13 (I think that baby was just holding out for a super […]

13 Months

I spent the first year of Evie’s life taking a photo on each of her month birthday’s almost to obsession, but I loved doing it, to watch how she grew through pictures.  I didn’t plan to continue it “officially”, but unofficially I couldn’t resist.  Especially since thanks to daylight savings time when we got home […]

Legend has it….

When I saw the movie Brave last summer I loved it, like LOOOOOOOVED it!  It was funny, sad, heartwarming, entertaining, visually beautiful and it just really spoke to me.  I mean didn’t we all have those memories with our moms in the teenage years where we just wanted to be listened too.  And maybe it went both […]

Year One

It’s hard to believe that one year ago I was sitting in a hospital room eating pancakes after giving birth to my beautiful baby girl three weeks early!  My pre Valentine’s Day present.  This past weekend she had her first birthday party and the next day I took advantage of the warm-ish Virginia temps (compared […]

Personal: Moving On and Up

I have not been blogging or doing much of anything lately besides working and frantically trying to pack up the apartment for our move last week.  Thanks to the wonderful movers at New City Moving and my mom flying in to help out we are all moved, mostly unpacked and getting settled.  We had been […]