Newborn: Effie

My friend Stacey is a rockstar.  She carefully planned and prepared for how she wanted to give birth and her baby basically said, “Psh mom, whatever!  We’re doing this my way.”  Which ended up being intervention after invention culminating in a c-section on 3/13/13 (I think that baby was just holding out for a super cool birthday!).  Stacey took everything they threw at her with flexibility and good humor and when she was feeling discouraged her wonderful husband Grant was there by her side to offer her support and encouragement.  And it was all worth it because at the end of it all was a beautiful baby girl.  I’m so happy I was able to spend the morning with the new parents and this little girl who is beautiful, advanced and a bit of a drama queen.  Welcome to the world Eleanora Fagan, you certainly took your time getting here but we are all glad you decided to show up!


Like I said, she’s a bit of a drama queen, but once all her demands were met this photo shoot was on!


Those chubby cheeks!  I can’t even stand it!




Her parents are just smitten with her, she has them both wrapped around her little finger.




Is there anything cuter than tiny baby feet in adult hands?



The first book they read together as a family was The Giving Tree and I don’t think anyone has recovered yet.  So emotional!



I know I mentioned already that this baby is beautiful, but she really is.  She has ALL the adorable!




This image is special because she is wrapped up in mommy’s blankie and her own brand new identical one that Grandma tracked down for her.


This is what love looks like.  Congratulations you two, you did good!



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