13 Months

I spent the first year of Evie’s life taking a photo on each of her month birthday’s almost to obsession, but I loved doing it, to watch how she grew through pictures.  I didn’t plan to continue it “officially”, but unofficially I couldn’t resist.  Especially since thanks to daylight savings time when we got home the living room was filled with sunlight.  This is Evie last March 13th.


What I said about that day then:

Likes: listening to music, the ceiling fan, the activity gym

Dislikes: bright lights, bath time, having diaper changed

Achievements Unlocked: rolling tummy to back, flashing peace sign, sticking tongue out

And Evie today, well she loves bath time now, still likes listening to music and even dances a little bit.  She claps, speaks Russian (it certainly sounds like it!) and hates falling her butt, but she hasn’t quite found her balance yet.  Her hair is amazing.  She goes from cranky to gleeful and back again on a dime.  She is hilarious and I love her so much it’s crazy.










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