Maternity: Keysha & Zack

I’ve known Keysha for about five years now. We’ve seen each other get engaged, married and now start to expand our families.  While I’m sad that we don’t have the time we used to get together for vodka drinks and cheese sticks, I am excited about the new phase in our lives and look forward […]

The Sea is Calling

We had a great time on our cruise, and while we didn’t spend as much time in the ports as we may have done in the past, we still made some time to get off the ship. This will be pretty photo heavy because I have pies in the oven, laundry in the dryer and […]

He’s Gonna Be In Pictures!

I’m excited to announce that one of my photos of Oz is going to be featured in the Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food 2013 calendar!  He’ll be receiving a prize package of treats and dog food that will hopefully make the humiliation of subjecting himself to taking this photo worth it.  Say hello to Mr. […]

Cruising with Baby

I did a ton of research and googling prior to our November Caribbean cruise.  We are seasoned cruisers, but this time was different, this time we had a nine month old with us.  I scoured cruise critic and looked for blogs but I didn’t find much advice for a baby under one and so hopefully […]

Strollers in the Front 5K

I first found out about this 5K on Facebook and thought it was genius.  I finally got my husband into running 5K’s but it gets complicated with the baby since not every race is stroller friendly.  We either have to choose who runs or skip it altogether.  I would have run this one if we […]