The Mist

Despite the unbearable heat last week in Chicago, it did have a lovely side effect.  I came home one evening to find that the warm air meeting the cool water of the lake combined with the setting sun created the most beautiful dreamy haze at the beach.  It was beautiful and for the first time […]

Redeye Photo Challenge — Memories

Next weeks challenge theme is “Hot” which is terribly appropriate because that’s exactly what its been here, HOT!  I’m talking a heat index of 115 which has basically made me completely unproductive.  It’s been hard to muster up the energy to do much more than drink water and stay completely still on the couch (No […]

Redeye Photo Challenge — Summer

I didn’t post last week because my photo didn’t make the finals and I wasn’t too proud of it anyway.  I had some interesting Fourth of July shots I’d planned to blog about, but I got my wisdom tooth out last Saturday so I spent the weekend  feeling completely unmotivated to do anything except watch […]

Florence & The Machine

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to buy tickets to Florence and the Machine at the Aragon Ballroom from my friend Laurie.  I felt bad that she wasn’t able to use them, it ended up working out great though, you can read her Florence & The Machine post here.  I hadn’t been to […]

Lincoln Park Zoo Engagement: Elizabeth & Deskin

On their two year anniversary I was lucky enough to photograph Elizabeth and Deskin exactly one week after getting engaged.  I met Deskin a fellow photographer (Deskin Jones Photography) while taking classes at the Chicago Photography Academy last year and came to know Elizabeth soon after.  They are both genuinely and generously kind with a […]