My husband likes to joke about my family’s love of challenges.  It’s true — when we go on family cruises we dominate in trivia and it gets pretty serious, because our competitive nature drives us to not only play, but to win!  We cannot resist an opportunity to win, which can get pretty annoying actually, […]

To My Valentine

After nearly nine years together and almost three years of marriage I am still completely in love with you.  I am thrilled with the life we have slowly built together and the fact that we have both grown, individually and together.  We share the same dreams for the future and support each other in everything […]

Snow Thanks!

So you may have heard, Chicago had a blizzard last week.  It was immense and crazy and just a little bit exciting.  Not so exciting?  Coming home to snow in the house due to my husband not closing all the storm windows when I asked him to do so in October!  But I digress.  It […]


This post seemed especially appropriate today in anticipation of Chicago’s snowpocalypse! In the Winter “our beach” becomes another world. Between the Lake Effect snow, high winds and freezing temperatures the landscape is completely transformed and beautiful.  I love the quiet stillness of everything, and the peacefulness of it all.  It almost makes winter in Chicago […]