Here are a few of the outtakes from our family Christmas card session, Oz is just like a child, easily distracted and/or annoyed by what was going on ūüôā ¬†These were pretty funny though, I especially love how we’re propping Oz up like a stuffed animal in some of these. ¬†The last photo is about […]

Grandma Cookies

This post is about our actual favoritest thing about Christmas EVAR!!!!¬† Each year my grandma sends me a batch of cookies that have been my favorite since childhood.¬† I don‚Äôt even know how to describe them, it is soft sugary deliciousness coated in crushed pecans topped with creamy day glo icing that melt in your […]

Santa Claws

We’ve made it a bit of a tradition the past few years to take Oz to see Santa.¬† It’s more for us than him obviously, but we’ve been lucky enough to get some adorable photos, a pup tired out from excitement and activity, and he usually gets a new toy or treat out of it.¬† […]

My Favorite Things

I went through a period where Christmas wasn’t that big a deal and just didn’t hold the excitement for me that it used to. ¬†Ever since we got married though we’ve been forming our own traditions each year and now I really look forward to decorating, playing Christmas music (new favorite song “Toy Jackpot” from […]


Yes, Chicago, I am training for a marathon in your winter!  Why?  Because after six years here I am no longer afraid of your cold, bitter winter!  Hate it? Yes.  Used to it? Never. Scared? Hells naw!  Bring it, because I am ready for you!


Well it is about that time in Chicago when it is fuh-reezing!¬† Literally, it’s supposed to be below zero this weekend.¬† Puffy coats are back in fashion, so is ordering for delivery, it is COLD outside!¬† And everyone is dreaming of warmer weather that at this point is a not so distant memory.¬† Speaking of […]

Santa Hustle

¬† I¬†would describe myself as a runner.¬† I completed my first half marathon this year and I’ve signed up for my first marathon in March.¬† I don’t always feel like running, but I’m always glad I went.¬† I’m really trying not to be that runner, who insists everyone everywhere should try running because they’ll LOVE […]

Awkward Family Photos

Last night we took our family Christmas photo for our card.¬† We ended up with one I’m really excited about, I do wish I’d framed it a little more evenly (I have got to get a remote, it was time consuming running back and forth and we messed up our original positioning just slightly), but¬†as […]