Sir Ozenpoops

They say that you should write what you know, well I love to photograph what I know — namely my family, but I’ve discovered that my dog is a much more willing participant. Dangling a jar of peanut butter in front of my husband’s face just does not have the same effect as it does […]

Seeing the Light

With photography, beyond equipment, beyond settings, beyond composition, it ultimately comes down to one thing. Light. How you use it, how you don’t, every photograph is how you were able to use light, to manipulate it, even to create it. There are tricks when it comes to natural light, ways to move and position your […]

Ice Queen

The Assignment: photograph a bride and add in a little whimsy! I was able to con a friend of mine into signing on for the photo shoot, despite the chilly weather and the fact that her dress was strapless! We had a great time though and got some amazing shots, helped in no small part […]

Kick Start

I work in an office, in a cubicle really, and even though I have great windows with an excellent view of Union Station with plenty of sunshine, it’s still a cubicle. I started my job as a temp and got hired permanently for being so awesome, and there really is a lot that’s great about […]