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New Blog!

Well, I finally decided to wake up and smell  the 2013 and realized I’d be much better off ditching my flash based website and creating a blog site.  Now you can see my recent work, portfolios and new blog posts all in one spot!  The future is now!  This will be my last blog post on this site and I encourage you to visit me at and subscribe to the new site.  I have some great posts coming soon about my foray into film and an amazing Logan Square maternity shoot.  Thank you for all of your support and I so hope you’ll follow me through the interwebs.



Newborn: Effie

My friend Stacey is a rockstar.  She carefully planned and prepared for how she wanted to give birth and her baby basically said, “Psh mom, whatever!  We’re doing this my way.”  Which ended up being intervention after invention culminating in a c-section on 3/13/13 (I think that baby was just holding out for a super cool birthday!).  Stacey took everything they threw at her with flexibility and good humor and when she was feeling discouraged her wonderful husband Grant was there by her side to offer her support and encouragement.  And it was all worth it because at the end of it all was a beautiful baby girl.  I’m so happy I was able to spend the morning with the new parents and this little girl who is beautiful, advanced and a bit of a drama queen.  Welcome to the world Eleanora Fagan, you certainly took your time getting here but we are all glad you decided to show up!


Like I said, she’s a bit of a drama queen, but once all her demands were met this photo shoot was on!


Those chubby cheeks!  I can’t even stand it!




Her parents are just smitten with her, she has them both wrapped around her little finger.




Is there anything cuter than tiny baby feet in adult hands?



The first book they read together as a family was The Giving Tree and I don’t think anyone has recovered yet.  So emotional!



I know I mentioned already that this baby is beautiful, but she really is.  She has ALL the adorable!




This image is special because she is wrapped up in mommy’s blankie and her own brand new identical one that Grandma tracked down for her.


This is what love looks like.  Congratulations you two, you did good!


13 Months

I spent the first year of Evie’s life taking a photo on each of her month birthday’s almost to obsession, but I loved doing it, to watch how she grew through pictures.  I didn’t plan to continue it “officially”, but unofficially I couldn’t resist.  Especially since thanks to daylight savings time when we got home the living room was filled with sunlight.  This is Evie last March 13th.


What I said about that day then:

Likes: listening to music, the ceiling fan, the activity gym

Dislikes: bright lights, bath time, having diaper changed

Achievements Unlocked: rolling tummy to back, flashing peace sign, sticking tongue out

And Evie today, well she loves bath time now, still likes listening to music and even dances a little bit.  She claps, speaks Russian (it certainly sounds like it!) and hates falling her butt, but she hasn’t quite found her balance yet.  Her hair is amazing.  She goes from cranky to gleeful and back again on a dime.  She is hilarious and I love her so much it’s crazy.










Thanks to a round robin of sickness in our house because Evie likes to lick everyone and a pretty major health scare courtesy of a false alarm in her routine blood work we pretty much had the week from hell.  So on Saturday when we found ourselves all piled on the bed in the middle of the afternoon, Evie in fairy wings (because why not?) I grabbed the camera and took some photos of us just being a family.  There were smiles, and tears, interest and boredom.  What a relief to just be, with no to do list or agenda.   It was perfectly ordinary.  Thank goodness.


I call this, “Even Fairy Princesses Get Sleepy”


Socks are fascinating


From thrilled to annoyed in thirty seconds








Legend has it….

When I saw the movie Brave last summer I loved it, like LOOOOOOOVED it!  It was funny, sad, heartwarming, entertaining, visually beautiful and it just really spoke to me.  I mean didn’t we all have those memories with our moms in the teenage years where we just wanted to be listened too.  And maybe it went both ways.  Because while it wasn’t obvious from the previews Brave was a mother/daughter story and I thought that made it perfect for a birthday party theme for Evie.  I figured that she wouldn’t care what the theme was and I’d rather save something like Alice in Wonderland for when she’s older and can ask for it herself.  It made sense to strike while the iron was hot and the Brave party plates were still available at Party City.


I took a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and it seemed like maybe we were over reaching a bit with our creativity, but I was incredibly excited at how well everything came together.  This is largely due to my amazing mother and sister who were able to help me carry out my vision.  I am very good at concept, less so at execution.  Since this was a one year old’s party we mainly focused on decorations and food.  The kids present were a little young for faux archery or pin the wisp on the path, but you could have a lot of fun making up your own movie related games.

The invitations were incredibly adorable and a totally worthwhile purchase from Etsy.


We had planned for guests to been greeted by a row of blue balloons tied to blue sparkly weights leading them up the driveway like wisps.  What seemed like gale force winds outside put an end to that.  The wind was so strong it popped two balloons with 30 seconds of being outside!  It’s a cool idea though right?

The food was fairly simple, pizza, fruit, veggies, but the cakes were incredible!  My sister found a mini bear cake mold and made three decorated to look like little black bears (a la the triplets).  It was a little dicey for a minute with the bears looking deranged, but Chels saved them and decorated the lazy susan they were on to appear like grass.




Instead of one big cake there were black bear cupcakes.  They were amazing!  A large cupcake formed the body with a mini cupcake as the head and oreo claws.  Evie disappointed at first, rather than cramming the cupcake in her face straight off she delicately peeled off a oreo claw and ate that slowly 🙂  Once we unpeeled the cupcake though she got to town on that pretty quickly.  We may have created a monster!  The cupcakes were delicious to look at and delicious to eat made even more special by the grass patterned wrappers.




We had plush versions of the triplet bears that we had originally planned to just set on the table.  The chandelier over the dessert table and our genius led to an even better idea.  We suspended the mischievous bears from the chandelier as if they were rappelling down to the treats.  So appropriate if you’ve seen the movie.  Ironically it turned out very few of our guests had seen the movie and I’m sure it was lost on them.  Us party planners were pretty pleased with ourselves though.



(Photo collage above by my sister!)

Green, blue and purple streamers served as decoration.  And purple and blue party hats were decorated with the different clan emblems with guests being able to choose.  Evie’s hat was special embellished with blue/green plaid ribbon and the three bear medallion Merida wears.  I’m super proud of my grown up friends for wearing the hats 🙂


We did goodie bags but I wanted to avoid plastic junk.  Everyone has enough crap in their houses I’m sure, I know we do!  So I went with items that are consumable and usable.  That meant blue cellophane bags tied with plaid ribbon containing mini bubbles with a heart on the wand (E is a pre Valentine’s Day baby), Brave stickers, teddy grahams (get it!) and our Pinterest inspired crayons!  We chopped/hammered old crayons and put a multi colored mix into cupcake liners and baked at 275 for about ten minutes and got the coolest multicolored crayons.  Functional and pretty.  Helpful hint, soak the crayons in order to easily remove the wrappers.  My mom had been hand peeling each dry crayon!


It was a wonderful party, and I’m glad everything looked and tasted good and matched our theme, but I’m even more glad we got to spend the day with wonderful family and friend celebrating Evie’s first year on Earth.  And she didn’t have a single meltdown. This is a girl who enjoys a party! 🙂



Year One

It’s hard to believe that one year ago I was sitting in a hospital room eating pancakes after giving birth to my beautiful baby girl three weeks early!  My pre Valentine’s Day present.  This past weekend she had her first birthday party and the next day I took advantage of the warm-ish Virginia temps (compared to Chicago!)  and took some photos of my vibrant, fearless, hilarious, mischievous, active, cupcake loving one year old daughter!









Found one last tiny crumb!


The many faces of Evie!


Newborn: Ariel

It’s hard to believe it was just a couple of months ago I was photographing these two parents to be and now they are simply parents.  I was so excited to meet little Elle and of course I couldn’t resist bringing my camera along to get some photos of the new bundle.  Evie came along too and had no idea what to think beyond the fact that she was not happy to see me holding another baby.  I don’t even think she really got that it was a baby, just that mom’s attention was being directed elsewhere.  Even so I did get to hold that precious little girl, and I did get some lovely shots.




She’s got them wrapped around her little finger already.




Just beautiful


Like mother like daughter 🙂


Personal: Moving On and Up

I have not been blogging or doing much of anything lately besides working and frantically trying to pack up the apartment for our move last week.  Thanks to the wonderful movers at New City Moving and my mom flying in to help out we are all moved, mostly unpacked and getting settled.  We had been in our former place for five years, it was where we brought Oz home and then Evie for the first time and it was bittersweet to leave it.  I’ll miss that great window light!


But it was time.  I was sad on the day, but the more settled we get into our new place the more I know it was the right move for us, figuratively and literally.  I love having the modern conveniences of a dishwasher and washer/dryer and Evie having her own bedroom and closet is worth its weight in gold.  The best part has been the combo kitchen and living room, we can all be together, no more banishing one person to the back of the apartment to cook or clean up, now it’s one open space where someone can unload the dishwasher and still keep an eye on the ever mobile Evie playing in the living room.


I did feel badly about moving Oz.  He was picked up for Daycare at the old place and dropped off at the new place.  He seemed mopy and distressed and so I insisted we bring him to the old apartment so he could have one last look around.  It was sad.  It was.  But it was nice too, the original three of us just taking a last look around.  Oz investigated each room and his old favorite spots, the living room window and radiator bench, the bathtub.  He saw it was empty now; it was just an apartment, not our home anymore.  It did the trick.  He was willing enough to leave and he’s set about creating new favorite places in our new place and he’s happy.  We all are.







Evie didn’t blink an eye at the change.  She gets it.  Where ever we are together, that’s home.  Well wherever we and  a whole mess of toys are 🙂